Saturday, April 15, 2006

New game experience for the kids

This blog isn't only about protecting kids on the Internet, it's about what's out there that's really neat for them, but also starts to teach them about Internet communications protocol. Right now Didi, Monker, Axl and their visiting cousin are utterly consumed with a virtual town game called You can create a character, get "Millbucks" by playing games, buy things to furnish your home, etc. It's basically a pretty blatant product placement set for General Mills cereals and such, with a good privacy policy and protection for children. In the sign-up, just make sure not to let your children use their real name or zipcode/state. What's really neat, is the kids can send little email-type greetings to each other, privately. All of the Junior Administrators are mesmerized by the game - we've started to set limits on how much time they can play it! Didi learned how to delete her "inbox" of all the "spam" her brother sent her today.


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