Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Meet the Junior Administrators

To help me in my R&D, user testing, marketing and entertainment departments, meet the JA's:

Knicknack: a toddler, she likes to sit and watch her brother zap things on the computer, and spill Apple Jacks on the keyboards

Axl: a preschooler, he is definitely a surfin' fiend, and learning to type in hundreds of variations (

Monker: a Kindergartner, his online and offline world is nuthin' but mini-science experiments, volcanos, robots, Bionicles, Yugioh, and other things I can't spell or pronounce, thank goodness for

Didi: a 2nd-grader, she's out on the front line, asking for email and IM accounts, selling her Barbies on eBay, creating her own online Avatar, asking for our passwords - I'm in full court press with this one, hopefully her siblings are paying attention.

Good crew - need somebody to learn HTML soon....


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