Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Circumventing Locally-Installed Filters

There's a way to fairly reliably circumvent locally-installed filtering software, like CyberProtect, ContentGuard, NetNanny, etc. Saw this on peacefire.org. It involves booting into Ubuntu (a free, Linux-based Operating System) BEFORE your machine boots up Windows, by booting from a CD. To protect against this, you need to set your admin settings to boot FIRST from the hard drive, and then from a CD..(this is done by pressing keys like F10 while the machine is booting up; it's different for different machines)...and obviously, you'll want to password-protect Bios administrator privilege on your machine, so your kids can't reverse this setting.

I'm not going to mess with this just yet in my household, as only 2 of the 4 can yet spell "BIOS"; I'd expect to probably deal with this by the time Monker's 11 or 12, and is likely hacking up the computers on many levels. Didi just won't care about circumventing things online; all she has to do is circumvent parental authority in real life, and get what she really wants.


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