Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Dads Joining the Internet Safety Club

It appears more tech-savvy Dads are getting involved both by themselves and with company support, in advancing the resources, information-sharing and cause of Internet Safety. "Cyber Dad" joins the original "Dadministrator" online as a purveyor, instructor and participant in the Internet Safety battle....


Myspace and Online Gang Activity

Here's a review of a recent Loudoun County, Virginia Gang Awareness Seminar (Northern Virginia, outside of Washington DC) - one interesting item to note, was the comments about the significant gang activity online with Myspace - while not necessarily, overtly criminal, it certainly provides a lot of fodder to keep law enforcement interested and engaged, and can only promulgate offline gang activity and behavior. All the more reason to keep your kids away from Internet Social Media until (1) they're thoroughly trained, aware, responsible and can prove it, and (2) their Internet Access is fully understood and monitored by you.