Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Dads Joining the Internet Safety Club

It appears more tech-savvy Dads are getting involved both by themselves and with company support, in advancing the resources, information-sharing and cause of Internet Safety. "Cyber Dad" joins the original "Dadministrator" online as a purveyor, instructor and participant in the Internet Safety battle....



At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Luke Gilkerson said...

There are some really good tips in that article about Internet safety. It is also refreshing to see more dad's take responsibility for Internet safety in their families.

Did you know that the largest group of viewers of Internet porn is children between ages 12 and 17?

I'd love to hear your comments on a blog post I published a while back about Safety Tips:

Filtering is also a great tool, but it's not the only kind of software out there. Have you ever heard of accountability software? Accountability software is specifically for adults who want to guard where they go online without any blocking or filtering. Combined with filtering, it's a great Internet safety solution for the whole family. If you want more info about it check out my post “Is Filtering All There Is?” (

At 3:51 PM, Blogger FSCA said...

Also glad to see this. I have a new book out, you can see at


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