Monday, October 30, 2006

Screen your home windows like your computer's

Don't forget about the physical windows your children are looking through; these need protection every bit as much as the "virtual" ones to the Internet! Here's a brief article on "Alarm Screens" courtesy of National Security Screens, an alarm screen manufacturer and retailer.

A very interesting product many homeowners elect to install on houses they've just bought are "Alarm Screens" (otherwise known as "Security Screens" to Security Industry professionals). Typically one changes the door locks when moving into a new home, in a new neighborhood; less typically do people change window locks or security mechanisms. Alarm screens are visibly the same as a typical window screen, however, embedded detection wires will alert you and/or your central alarm system that an intruder is beginning to break into the home, through the window. The best feature of these devices is that you're still protected against intruders even though your windows may in fact be open, with the traditional window alarm contacts disabled!

As you assess your next home purchase, or in fact prepare to sell your existing home, consider Alarm Screens as a wise investment. National Security Screens is a Virginia-based, leading national manufacturer and dealer of alarm screens, alarm screen products and other window security systems; they can be contacted for more information about how alarm screens can help protect and sell your home.


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