Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spam Blogs and AOL Search Universe

Well, that's a new one on of my other blogs was recently locked by Blogger, because their automated spambots thought it was actually this sort of online, delectable, gelatin-encased lunchmeat. I think this is actually a good idea, but a bit over-zealous or perhaps mis-implemented and tested. Their promise to review the site and unlock it (by a real human!) in 1 day didn't come true, in my case or for just about anyone else it appears. Big problem for active blogs, and those supporting businesses. This simply goes to illustrate how pervasive SPAM is, i.e. make sure you and your children grow SPAM-dar (i.e. radar) real quick, and avoid any kind of blog, email or forum that looks suspicious or simply nonsensical.

On another note, AOL mistakenly released 20 million search terms entered by 650,000 subscribers; many of whom are able to be tracked down from their search habits. Point one: think before you search; everything you type may come back to haunt you, or be used to invade your privacy.


At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Rebecca said...


I am an e-safety officer in the UK and found your site the other day. It is really interesting and useful for a lot of information. Whilst I find this post interesting, I dont think it is necessary to provide links to the 'very inappropriate' sites found when '6-12' is entered into a search engine. I understand that you are making a point but providing links to this sort of information is potentially dangerous.


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